080914 SCKCS Pålsjö
Domare: H. Lamont
Resultat: Reserv med HP
Kritik: Well marked tricolour puppy of correct size and substans for age. So exhuberant it was difficult to excess movement but a very promising puppy.

090222 SKK Malmö Int
Domare: Andreas Schemel
Resultat: 2
Kritik: Well balanced tricolor bitch. Good substance for age. Nicely balanced head but dark eye shows a bit of white. Needs to fill out in muzzle. Good front. Actually good substance for age. Good tailset. Attractive markings. Sufficient silky coat. Cowhoched behind. Would like more coordinated movement.

090912 SCKCS Ljungbyhed
Domare: Joakim Olsson
Resultat: 1
Kritik: 16 månader trefärgad tik. Feminin. Något outvecklat huvud. Värformade ögon. Utmärkta öron. Bra hals. Utmärkt förbröst och bröstkorg. Aningen lång i längden. Harmoniska vinklar. Rör sig balanserat med god steglängd. Vältecknad, trevlig storlek.

100109 My Dog Göteborg
Domare: Rony Doedijns
Resultat: 1
Kritik: Bitch of correct size and proportions. Happy temperament. Feminin head. Nice round dark eyes. Very good in pigment and expression. Needs to get more stability in front. Topline needs to level up on the move. Nice coat quality. Reasonable markings. Movements needs to level up a bit more. Very well presentated.

100320 Malmö Int
Domare: Claudia Hollweg
Resultat: 2
Kritik: Feminin. Plenty of substance. Good bones. Nice anglations behind. Deep tailset. Temperamentfull movement.

100627 CKCSK Ribe, DK
Domare: Jeffrey Pepper
Resultat: 1 med CK
Kritik: Pleasent head and expressin, nice topscull. Neck a bit short, shoulder a bit upright, upperarm correct with acceptable return, good topline, drops a bit too much in the croiup, carries tail a bit to high.